Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2005 Spring

The Arcade Fire, Neighborhood #2 (Laika), Funeral
Beck, Sexx Laws, Midnite Vultures
Broken Social Scene, Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl, You Forgot It In People
Death Cab For Cutie, Photobooth, Forbidden Love [EP]
The Decemberists, Odalisque, Castaways and Cut-Outs
The Fiery Furnaces, Blueberry Boat, Blueberry Boat
Interpol, Evil, Antics
My Bloody Valentine, Only Shallow, Loveless
Pinback, Fortress, Summer In Abaddon
Radiohead, Street Spirit (Fade Out), The Bends
Rush, Tom Sawyer, Moving Pictures
The Shins, Saint Simon, Chutes Too Narrow
The Walkmen, The Rat, Bows and Arrows

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